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With a highly innovative and dynamic approach, Svicom’s technical department has, among its main objectives, the maintenance and enhancement of the properties under its management.

Asset gestiti per manutenzioni ordinarie e straordinarie*
Asset gestiti pilotage*
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Manutenzioni ordinarie e straordinarie gestite*
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GLA Pilotaggi gestiti*
Pilotage attivati*

*Dati al 30 giugno 2023

Chiara Mattei
Head of Technical Department


The technical services supporting the projects under management represent, for Svicom, one of the core services with the greatest impact and value.

The main services include:

  • Ordinary maintenance management

  • Extraordinary maintenance management

  • HSE management

  • Technical Project management

  • Preliminary location suitability checks

  • Interior design

  • Watch Dog

  • Pilotage

  • Energy management

  • Asset maintenance management through integrated digital platform (BIM)

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