Real Estate Managers


Property Management for us is the daily commitment to the improvement and care of the properties we manage. In determining the strategic approach for each project, we always start with fundamental and wide-ranging objectives, such as: increasing attractiveness in the development phase, changing market dynamics with the creation of new services, optimisation and control of real estate management costs, elaboration of marketing strategies and tailor made communication plans.

Letizia Cantini
General Manager, Partner

In the retail sector, the main services offered by the Property team are:

  • Rental management of properties

  • Management of rent registration taxes and rent updates (Istat, indexation, turnover rents)

  • Keeping of accounts and tax documentation relating to real estate and operating entities such as Tenant Associations or Landlord co-ownership structures (creditors and debtors, cashflow management, etc.).

  • Keeping of accounts relating to the management of rental contracts on behalf of the client (issuing invoices, recording sums received/outstanding etc.).

  • Rent Collection

In addition, there are the main Centre management services, which include:

  • Setting up management structures and framework

  • Set up of services and relations with suppliers

  • Management of properties’ day to day operating budgets

  • Contract management and administrative management of common services

  • Performance analysis and reporting

  • Economic and administrative management of real estate assets including tax and fiscal obligations

  • Relations with tenants

  • Management of mall exhibition spaces

  • Strategic direction on communication campaigns and development of marketing initiatives aimed at establishing presence in the catchment area

Start-up projects represent the most complex challenges. On these, the Property & Centre Department completes the range of services with the following activities:

  • Preparation of launch budgets and on-going day to day management

  • Selection and evaluation of suppliers

  • Drafting of regulations and criteria for the management and allocation of costs

  • Building services set up: security, maintenance, security, etc.

  • Design and coordination of advertising launch strategies and marketing plan

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