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We were among the first to understand the importance of communicating online and via social media and to have a Digital Department to guarantee centres and retail parks online visibility, interactivity with consumers, the ability to attract new visitors, a multiplier effect for the reputation of tenant brands and the range of assets managed.

assets managed*
0 mln €
marketing budget managed*
active digital innovation projects*
acknowledgments and awards in national and international contests*

*Partial data as 30th September 2022

Francesca Pinzone
Head of Marketing & Digital Department


Svicom can boast a sound expertise in the development of Digital Marketing strategies in the Real Estate sector, with an increasingly greater use of technology, in order to improve the experience and generate value for the end consumer.

The main services include:

  • Corporate Communication

  • Creative & Marketing Strategy

  • Planning, Design and App Development
  • Website creation and management

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy

  • Media Planning (online e offline)

  • Digital Innovation Projects

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