Business Areas


The Advisory department is our window into the main phenomena of Italian Real Estate. The team is responsible for the observation, study and analysis of the main data and market trends: catchment area, rents, turnovers, footfall, average transaction size, management costs, are just some of the tools with which the department “measures” shopping centres.

Marianna De Luca Head of Advisory Department


The main services include:

  • Market research on real and potential customers

  • Asset positioning analysis by studying the catchment area, competitors and performance

  • Asset and performance analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Analysis of data and information relating to different types of properties (smartBI)

  • Statistical analysis of data and return of the same through reporting and presentation tools (smartBI)

  • Profitability analysis aimed at assessing the risks of investments and market opportunities

  • Consultancy and feasibility studies in the retail sector

  • Case history study and new market trends

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