Real Estate Managers


The Advisory department is our window into the main phenomena of Italian Retail Real Estate. The team is responsible for the observation, study and analysis of the main data and market trends: catchment area, rents, turnovers, footfall, average transaction size, management costs, are just some of the tools with which the department “measures” shopping centres.

Marianna De Luca
Head of Advisory Department

The main services include:

  • Periodical reports analysing the performance of the projects managed

  • Monthly report to Clients on the properties managed: analysis of rents, analysis of turnovers, analysis of footfall etc.

  • Establishing internal benchmarks on key variables such as: turnovers, footfall, rents, operating expenses, etc.

  • Comparison analysis with external data providers such as CNCC, Urbistat, etc.

  • Support to the development of feasibility studies with focus on catchment area analysis, competitors, macroeconomic data of the relevant area, etc.

  • Support in the management of real estate market data and their reporting

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