Real Estate Managers


Personalisation of services, attention to the specific needs of each client and the ability to transform the growing complexity of the sector into opportunities, define The Svicom Way.

A team of professionals throughout Italy engaged daily in different areas of analysis, management and development of each individual project.

An enthusiastic team, continuously looking for innovative solutions, both flexible and quick in making decisions.

Two identities are merged here: the emotional one, marked by passion and dedication, and the technical one, that shows competence, reliability and organisation.


Fabio Porreca Chairman, Partner

Fabio Porreca was born in Fabriano on 24 December 1969. After graduating with honours in Economics and Retail Management from L. Bocconi University in Milan, he founded Sviluppo Commerciale Srl in 1996, today known as Svicom, of which he is still Chairman and a Partner.

From 2013 to 2019 he was President of the Foggia Chamber of Commerce and, from 2015 to 2019, Vice-President of UnionCamere Nazionale.

Alberto Albertazzi CEO, Partner

Alberto Albertazzi was born on 1st January 1966 in Varese, where he currently lives. After graduating in Economics and Business at L. Bocconi University in Milan, he immediately began his professional career in the world of commercial real estate, holding different and increasingly prestigious positions. In 2008, Alberto joined the team of Henderson Global lnvestors Sgr as General Manager and Head of the real estate sector for Italy. At Svicom since 2013, he is CEO and a Partner of the Company.

Letizia Cantini General Manager

Letizia Cantini was born in Pistoia on 24 March 1981 and currently lives in Milan. After graduating with honours from the University of Florence from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, she joined the staff of the then Managing Director of Unicoop Firenze to work as a Business Analyst. From 2013 to 2018 she was Real Estate Director and Technical Director of Unicoop Firenze, becoming the youngest director in the Coop system. She joined Svicom in November 2018 as COO – Chief Operating Officer – with responsibility for the Property Management, Centre Administration, Digital, Marketing and Technical Services areas. In 2020 she was appointed General Manager.

Corrado Di Paolo General Manager Svicom Agency, Partner

Corrado Di Paolo was born in Foggia on 8 May 1973 and lives in Molfetta, in the province of Bari. After graduating in Industrial Sciences – Marketing, he started working for McDonald’s Italy in 1996, which he left in 2004 to start a new challenge at Castorama Italy, where he became Head of the Home Decoration sector in a few months. In 2005 he joined Sviluppo Commerciale Srl as Manager of the Bari Japigia Shopping Centre, moving on to become Retail Director from 2009 and Partner from 2016 of Svicom Sviluppo Commerciale Srl. In 2020 he was appointed General Manager of Svicom Agency.

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